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為培育國際非營利組織人才,臺大國際事務處與 Impact Hub Taipei 合作,推出「國際NGO人才學校」,讓學生進入關注國際議題的非政府組織或在臺國際非政府組織(iNGO)實習,並透過專案式學習的方式實踐永續發展目標,讓臺大學生能在未來進入NGO產業,搭起臺灣與國際社會間的橋樑。
臺大國際NGO人才學校是以聯合國永續發展目標(Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs)為主軸的前育成計畫(Pre-incubation),與臺灣關注國際議題的非政府組織或在臺國際非政府組織合作,提供臺大學生實踐理念與學習的場域,了解各組織如何實際參與或解決社會議題,促進 SDGs 的達成。
National Taiwan University’s Office of International Affairs, in collaboration with  Impact Hub Taipei, is launching a training program for NTU students interested in sustainability and non-profit work. Focusing on project-based learning, students in this program will work with Taiwan's non-governmental organizations (NGO) focusing on international affairs or international non-governmental organizations (iNGO) as interns. The iNGO Academy brings NTU students into NGO industry, connecting Taiwan with international society.
The iNGO Academy is a pre-incubation program based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Cooperating with iNGOs in Taiwan, it provides aspiring students from NTU with field opportunities outside the classroom. By working directly with iNGOs as interns, students will learn how the organization they are matched with tackles different social issues and promotes SDGs achievement.
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