This Academy

Academy Mission

National Taiwan University’s Office of International Affairs, in collaboration with  Impact Hub Taipei, is launching a training program for NTU students interested in sustainability and non-profit work. Focusing on project-based learning, students in this program will work with Taiwan's non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focusing on international affairs or international non-governmental organizations (INGO) as interns. The iNGO Academy brings NTU students into the NGO industry, connecting Taiwan with international society.

The iNGO Academy is a pre-incubation program based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Cooperating with iNGOs in Taiwan provides aspiring NTU students with field opportunities outside the classroom. By working directly with iNGOs as interns, students will learn how the organization they are matched with tackles different social issues and promotes SDG achievement. It is also expected that through the program, NGOs in Taiwan will be connected to build a diversified partnership and network.

Project-based Internship

Participants in the iNGO Academy will work closely on projects in their designated organization and get hands-on experience during their internship. Afterward, they can gain a deeper understanding of NGOs, figuring out how to participate in social issues, which enables participants to further explore and plan their future career development.

Training Courses

We will impart project implementation knowledge and valued soft skills through five training courses, combined with lectures and workshops, to cultivate the skills required for future work in iNGOs. Founders, opinion leaders, and practitioners in NGOs will be invited to share their practical experiences and professional knowledge with the participants.

Organization Visits

During this program, in order to provide students with a better understanding of how other organizations put their ideas into practice, we will arrange a visit to NGOs. These visits will be combined with co-learning sessions with interns, which creates opportunities for them to share the challenges they’re faced with and how they find the solutions during the internship.

Demo Day

At the end of the internship, participants will deliver a five-minute presentation. On Demo Day, they need to recap their four-month experience and performance throughout the entire project, containing an individual 1-minute video recording the process of their internship, and what they learn and how they take actions to get involved in social issues.

Graduation Trip

We will plan a graduation trip for all of the participants after this program. Through a wide variety of travel tours and a taste of local culture in Taiwan, participants can have the chance to visit different attractions and explore their self-worth.