What to Expect

Action for Impact

Through collaboration with individuals actively working to create positive social and environmental change, students can learn how to engage in social issues, explore potential career paths, and one day become impact makers.

Global Mindset

During this program, students can not only deepen their understanding of iNGOs, but also cultivate a global mindset focused on internationalization and sustainability.

Project-based Internship

Students participating in the program will engage in project-based internships within their designated organizations, working closely with their tutors and gaining hands-on experience.

Sustainability-themed Tour

After the program, students will have the opportunity to participate in a sustainability-themed tour. This tour includes a wide variety of travel experiences, immersion in Taiwanese local culture, and visits to various social innovation organizations, allowing them to explore their self-worth and engage in sustainable actions in Taiwan.

Tailor-made Courses

Students will have access to tailor-made courses, which include lectures and workshops, designed to impart project implementation knowledge and essential soft skills needed for future work in iNGOs.

Fieldwork Learning & iNGO Visit

Through visits to iNGOs in the field, students can gain a better understanding of how other organizations address social issues, implement their ideas, and achieve their goals.

Course Credits

Those who get selected as an intern can earn 2 credits for GPA after completing the whole program and getting a passing grade. 

Turing Certs

Every student who successfully completes the NTU iNGO Academy Program will receive a blockchain certificate co-issued by NTU OIA and the host organization.


Students participating in the program will get a 3-month Advanced Plan for CakeResume.

LinkedIn Learning 

Students participating in the program will receive a 3-month free access to LinkedIn Learning.

Contract and Insurance

To protect the rights and interests of each student, NTU OIA will sign an internship contract with each host organization. As for insurance, NTU OIA will offer Student Group Insurance during the internship, which is designated by the Ministry of Education.

Salaries and Benefits

Under each host organization page, it is stated whether salaries are offered or not.

Host Organizations