【Training Course I】NGO Introduction

March 2, 2023
【Training Course I】NGO Introduction

➤ Speaker

Prof. Helen Liu, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University

Prof. Liu is an esteemed academic with a specialization in the field of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), drawing on her extensive research experience in the Americas and Hong Kong regions. Her expertise lies in comprehending the dynamics and evolution of international non-profit organizations (NPOs) and NGOs.

Apart from her scholarly pursuits, Prof. Liu is actively involved in teaching a course on "Nonprofit Management" at National Taiwan University. Her dedication and excellence in teaching have earned her accolades, including the Outstanding Teaching Faculty in English award at National Taiwan University and the prestigious Outstanding Research Award from NSTC (National Science and Technology Council). Prof. Liu's notable achievements and contributions further solidify her reputation as a respected figure in the academic community.

➤ Course Review

"NGO Introduction" is the first training course  for the interns. Reflecting the program's emphasis on NGOs and sustainable development, we invited Prof. Liu, a distinguished expert with extensive international NGO experience, to lead the session as the speaker.

Prof. Liu skillfully guided the students, facilitating a comprehensive exploration of the historical and contemporary developments in the field of NGOs. Moreover, she inspired the interns to envision and strategize their future involvement in the NGO sector. The "NGO Introduction" course not only laid a solid foundation for the interns but also ignited their passion for making meaningful contributions to the realm of NGOs.

At the beginning of the course, Prof. Liu skillfully encouraged students to engage on a personal level, leveraging their own internship experiences from the past week to contemplate the essence and objectives of their respective internship organizations. This approach not only deepened their understanding of the organizations but also fostered a dynamic environment for mutual learning. A compelling example of this occurred when two interns, Tanya and Staffi, who were both serving at the Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan, offered distinct perspectives on the organization's primary services. Their exchange of ideas sparked a stimulating discussion, enriching their insights and inspiring new perspectives.

Subsequently, Prof. Liu guided the students through a comprehensive exploration of the international definition of NPOs and NGOs, the relevant laws and regulations in Taiwan, and the roles these organizations play in society. By presenting the macro perspective of government and society, the students gained a broader understanding of the overall framework and context in which NPOs and NGOs operate. This holistic approach provided them with a solid foundation to navigate the intricate landscape of non-profit and non-governmental sectors effectively.

Prof. Liu's course served as a robust knowledge foundation for the NGO interns, skillfully bridging theory and practice throughout their three-month internships. This well-rounded approach empowered them to stay aligned with the fundamental principles and functions of NGOs while actively engaging in their respective internship projects. Beyond theoretical understanding, the course took a deeper dimension by fostering an awareness of the interns' personal impact on the organization and, in turn, the organization's broader influence on society. By recognizing their role in driving positive change, the interns were inspired to become catalysts for meaningful impact within the NGO sector and the community at large. 

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