【Training Course III】Issue Research & Communication Strategy

March 29, 2023
【Training Course III】Issue Research & Communication Strategy

➤ Speaker

Agnes Pondaven, Founder, Climate Fresk

Agnes, the Founder and CEO of Climate Fresk, boasts a wealth of expertise in sustainable procurement and international cooperation. Her career journey includes an impressive 12-year tenure at Carrefour in France, where she played a key role in the development and execution of global strategies pertaining to organizational linkages, Carrefour factory standard setting, supplier relationship management, and procurement practices. Following the establishment of Climate Fresk, Agnes relocated to Taiwan and took on the role of a dynamic facilitator, leading training workshops aimed at promoting climate change awareness among the Taiwanese community.

Naomi Goddard, Facilitator, Climate Fresk

Naomi, a distinguished British portrait photographer residing in Taipei, is driven by her passion for capturing the essence of Asia through the lens of film. With a deep commitment to storytelling, she adeptly documents the region's culture, environment, and pressing social issues. As the visionary founder of Minim Photographic Studio in Taiwan, Naomi curates a space that goes beyond photography, hosting creative workshops that delve into topics like environmental protection and social issues. In addition, the studio showcases thought-provoking art exhibitions and a diverse array of engaging activities. Notably, Naomi also takes on the role of a trained facilitator for Climate Fresk, further demonstrating her commitment to driving climate change awareness and education.

➤ Course Review

In the course, we extended invitations to Agnes and Naomi as guest speakers, who shared their expertise on Climate Fresk by delving into its origins, the developmental journey of the board game, and their prior experiences conducting workshops. The primary objective was to enlighten students about diverse approaches to issue research and communication methods. Climate Fresk, an intricately designed board game, encompasses a wide array of cards addressing various climate change crises such as air pollution and rising sea levels. Through these cards, participants gain insight into the intricate interdependencies between climate change and human existence, thereby enhancing their understanding of this pressing global issue.

At the beginning of the course, Agnes and Naomi initiated an interactive session wherein students were encouraged to express their individual comprehension and concerns regarding climate change. As a catalyst for discussion, climate change issue cards were employed, facilitating group dialogues and deliberations. Through active engagement, students exchanged pertinent knowledge, shared their emotions, and articulated their ideas within their respective groups. This collaborative approach not only fostered enhanced communication amongst peers but also instilled a sense of rediscovery regarding the complexities surrounding climate change.

Throughout the course, students experienced a renewed understanding of climate change and its implications. In the culminating phase, students deliberated on environmental conservation actions within four significant domains: agriculture, industry, transportation, and construction. Additionally, they proffered practical suggestions for implementing these actions in their future lives. 

This course aims to cultivate students' awareness that the projects they encounter during their internships often revolve around significant issues or problems demanding attention. It endeavors to impart an understanding that the impact of these endeavors extends beyond the immediate participants, emphasizing the crucial role of issue dissemination in fostering sustainable action. On the other hand, by engaging with Climate Fresk, students gain insight into the paramount importance of issues for non-profit organizations (NPOs).

We firmly believe that the knowledge and experiences acquired in this course will empower students to apply their learning effectively in their future professional endeavors. By comprehending the purpose and underlying message of their work and the organizations they engage with, students can emerge as innovative thinkers, equipped with the capacity to make meaningful contributions to NPOs.

➤ Student’s Feedback

  • The structure of the event was good and delivered well. It encouraged independent thinking and was inclusive to everyone's participation
  • This board game gives me a chance to learn more about the root causes of climate change. Before I only focused on the consequences of climate change, but now that I understood more about the causing factors, it becomes easier for me to come up with ways that can better save our planet.
  • I think it's a very effective way of learning this issue about climate and global warming because the mediator asks us questions instead of feeding us information, and I think it allows the students to think by themselves. I personally also like the topic of climate and sustainability, so it interests me personally.
  • I feel like I can get the content really well about climate change because the mediator allows us to think first, and they would explain really well, with analogies, to allow us to better understand those difficult concepts.

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