【Training Course V】Presentation Skills, Tips and Techniques

May 10, 2023
【Training Course V】Presentation Skills, Tips and Techniques

➤ Speaker

Jessie Chan, Vice President, New Generation College

Ms. Jessie Chan has held key positions as the APAC Brand Director and General Manager of the Taiwan region in renowned companies including P&G, L'Oréal, and Johnson & Johnson. Her extensive professional background encompasses various industries such as daily necessities, medical beauty, care products, consumer electronic products (LG Electronics Taiwan), as well as her involvement in internet entrepreneurship ventures like mp3 P2P download and the development of a digital magazine reading app called Mag V. With a focus on international marketing strategy planning and execution, consumer behavior and market research, new product development and launch, as well as integrated marketing strategy formulation and execution, Ms. Chan excels in these specialized areas.

➤ Course Review

“Presentation Skills, Tips, and Techniques” is a highly practical course specifically tailored to empower students in to deliver exceptional internship results during Demo Day. Departing from conventional classes, Ms. Jessie Chan adopts a hands-on approach, emphasizing demonstrations and practice as the core components while condensing the teaching content related to presentation design and oral expression. To further enhance the overall presentation experience, Ms. Jessie Chan provides one-on-one feedback to students, offering valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Ms. Jessie Chan captivated the students' attention by sharing her own family story, illustrating the power of storytelling as a captivating technique to engage the audience in a presentation. Delving into the core content, Ms. Jessie Chan enlightened the students on adopting a holistic approach, encompassing the Why, Who, What, Where, and How aspects, to craft a more concise and comprehensive PowerPoint presentation. Furthermore, she conducted thorough research into the students' inquiries regarding presentation design, providing them with the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) as a guiding principle for effective preparation. Students were advised to dedicate 80% of their time to understanding, planning, and rehearsing their presentations, reserving the remaining 20% for the creation and refinement of their slides, thus ensuring optimal presentation outcomes.

Following the concise and indispensable presentation skills shared, Ms. Jessie Chan allocated 10 minutes for the students to prepare their presentations. One by one, students took the stage to deliver one-minute sharings. Apart from providing feedback, Ms. Jessie Chan extended her guidance by offering individualized suggestions and sharing her own tips and tricks for crafting presentation structures and managing nervousness. Students expressed their appreciation for the class, highlighting the valuable insights gained and the newfound clarity on the necessary adjustments required for their presentations. Their feedback attests to the significant progress made through Ms. Jessie Chan's teachings.

➤ Students’ Feedback

  • I really learnt about how to prepare a presentation, and the three points are very clear and easy to memorize and useful!
  • I think it is really important to cut each section I would like to share during a presentation, which is something I’ve never thought about until the speaker suggested.
  • I am really grateful for the honest feedback and really appreciate it a lot!
  • Have me more awareness about different styles of presentation

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