【Visiting I】The Center for Asia-Pacific Resilience and Innovation (CAPRI) × NPO Hub Taipei

March 18, 2023
【Visiting I】The Center for Asia-Pacific Resilience and Innovation (CAPRI) × NPO Hub Taipei

➤ Speaker

Caroline Fried, Interim Director of Research, The Center for Asia-Pacific Resilience and Innovation (CAPRI)

Caroline Fried is a distinguished founding member of CAPRI, having joined the organization in 2021. Her research expertise spans multiple disciplines, including economics, politics, development, and history of the Asia Pacific region, with a particular focus on Taiwan and China. Furthermore, she has conducted in-depth investigations into the cross-border flows of students in higher education and the internationalization of higher education systems.

Prior to her involvement with CAPRI, Caroline held roles as an academic editor and research assistant in Taipei. Originally from North Carolina, she pursued her academic journey at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where she attained bachelor's degrees in international affairs and history. Her dedication and academic accomplishments led to the prestigious award of a Fulbright grant, which enabled her to complete a master's degree in Asia-Pacific studies at National Chengchi University in Taipei.

Visit Review

As a part of our program, we carefully organized two insightful visits to provide students with a broader perspective on various units beyond their assigned internship placements. These visits allowed them to explore real-world operations within different iNGO organizations. During the first visit, students had the opportunity to explore CAPRI, the internship organization, at the NPO Hub Taipei. The staff at Impact Hub Taipei, along with the NPO Hub Taipei manager, provided valuable insights into the origin of the hub and the diverse organizations operating within it. This immersive experience deepened the students' understanding of the collaborative ecosystem and the shared values that underpin the work of various NGOs in the hub. To encourage dialogue and reflection, we arranged a lunch gathering at the end of the visit. During this session, each student was invited to share their internship experiences and reflections from the past week on stage.

Caroline commenced her presentation by highlighting CAPRI's mission as an iNGO deeply committed to conducting in-depth research on the post-Covid-19 development of the Asia-Pacific region. She emphasized CAPRI's active involvement in online forums and international activities, which enables a global perspective on the current conditions and future prospects of the Asia-Pacific region. Through her insightful sharing, students not only acquired valuable knowledge about CAPRI's core services but also gained a profound understanding of the project's significance and origin from the organization's unique perspective. This exposure broadened their horizons, encouraging them to think beyond the confines of their immediate surroundings and envision the broader implications of their work in the international context. Caroline's engaging presentation served as an inspiration, motivating students to approach their own internships with a similar commitment to global awareness and impactful contributions in the Asia-Pacific region.

During the sharing gathering, a sense of camaraderie and open dialogue permeated the room as students took turns sharing their reflections on their internship experiences from the past month. Each student focused on four key perspectives: funny moments, challenges, work projects, and future expectations.

In the challenges segment, Jessika candidly expressed her fear of asking questions during her internship at The Garden of Hope Foundation, as she did not wish to burden her colleagues. Similarly, En-Ni from the Philippines shared her hesitation in proactively expressing her ideas while working at One-Forty. The students empathized with their experiences and provided encouragement, urging Jessika and En-Ni to ask questions courageously and challenge themselves to grow. The gathering fostered a supportive atmosphere where students freely exchanged ideas and provided valuable mental support. The students cherished this platform for meaningful exchange, recognizing its significance in fostering mutual learning, understanding, and encouragement.

Students' Feedback

  • Very useful to share ideas and explore different environments in Taiwan.
  • I really like how every organizations is introduced and make me have ideas of what they are doing.
  • Through this visit, we can see that we are not working alone as an NGO, but there are also a lot of friends and other NGO that are working together for impact. I think this is more of a motivational help for my internship
  • I really like how we take a look around NPO hub, and how the speaker explains every organization's purpose and what they do.
  • I actually heard of NPO Hub Taipei before, so this time I finally get to see the working places and understand the job NPO Hub Taipei is doing.

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