Carissa Teja Wiguna

Carissa Teja Wiguna
The Mustard Seed Mission


Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering


Last semester, I had a wonderful opportunity to join the iNGO internship, joining as a member of the Department of Overseas Services and Indigenous Services at the Mustard Seed Mission (MSM). To be very honest, I applied for this program without any much expectations. I just wanted to know how the NGO field works if I would choose it as my career path. I am really passionate about exploring this field of work since I know that working in an NGO may bring benefit to society, according to the specific field of NGO that we are working at. Indeed, doing this iNGO internship at MSM is really an eye-opening experience for me. Not only did I get to know about the work environment in the office and all the skills required, such as proposal and translation affairs; I got to personally experience “field work” with other employees by going to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to visit an orphanage there. I also got to serve elementary school students in Hualien for disaster prevention training, as Hualien is known to be very vulnerable to natural disasters. These experiences have drawn me closer to the iNGO field of work, and also helped me to grow and understand myself even more as an individual! Overall, it was such a pleasant experience. Expect the unexpected from the NTU OIA iNGO Academy!